The Abeng Law Firm founded in January 1998 by Roland Abeng is a forefront polyvalent and internationally focused law firm in Cameroon. The Law firm principally handles matters related to Oil & Gas law;Business/OHADA law;Commercial transactions; Company Formation; Banking, Corporate Governance issues, Intellectual Property, Anti-Money Laundering and Scam issues and we pride ourselves as the best in telecommunications law/Anti Cybercrime issues and anti-trust matters. The Law Firm, situated in the Central Business District of Douala-Bonapriso has a staff of 14 composed of Fivefully fledged lawyers, 7 paralegal staff and two secretaries.Our Clientele which is 80% foreign are mostly involved in the following sectors:Energy and Electricity, Trade & Commerce, Commodities, Oil & Gas, Maritime Transport and Logistics, Mining, Telecommunications, Environment Etc


The Abeng Law Firm’s experience in Business Law and related legal transactions cannot be over-emphasized. Over the years since creation in 1998, this law firm has become a reference in Business Law with the entire Central African Economic and Monetary Union (CEMAC).


Cameroon remains an extremely difficult jurisdiction when it comes to debt recovery and we owe our 75% success rate in debt recovery to our understanding of the judicial terrain and how to put pressure on unscrupulous debtors in strict accordance with the law. Our continuous partnership with renowned recovery companies worldwide is clear proof of the quality of our services in this regard.


The Abeng Law Firm understands that our clients’ most valuable assets are often their intellectual property. We offer our clients the complete range of legal services for enforcing, defending, commercializing, exploiting and protecting their intellection Property. We have considerable depth in the full array of intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, industrial designs and trademarks.


We handle company secretarial duties for a number of foreign entities operating in Cameroon and completely get them out of the hurdles that relate to compliance with the OHADA Company law. We take complete control of issues related to Board and Shareholders’ meetings, Company registers, Company Director Compliance exigencies, company domiciliation and we even act as representatives of same before the authorities of the Country. Summarily, we assist clients to manage and mitigate risks of corporate non-compliance.


Our team has in-depth knowledge of all practical aspects in managing human resources, whether domestic and/or cross-border employment law issues. Our team has a strong reputation advising on individual or collective employment litigation issues, as well as on social security or litigation issues.


Our Clientele is 85% corporate! Our team has a strong track record representing in acting for our clients in basically all legal transactions including litigation. We also advise companies when litigious matters arise in their business operations with their partners (contract-related disputes, breach of commercial relations) and their competitors (unfair competition, free riding, etc.).


The Abeng Law Firm is well recognized for its expertise in handling acquisitions or disposals of securities or assets within an external growth or restructuring context. The Law Firm successfully handled all the local aspects related to the acquisition of the National Electricity Company during the year 2013/2014. It still remains till date the biggest acquisition carried out in the country so far.


Our firm provides clients with creative and result-oriented arbitration counseling in matters ranging from major commercial disputes to sensitive internal, regulatory or criminal investigations. As a firm with established roots and experience worldwide, we handle local matters as well as multijurisdictional disputes. Our Membership with the ABA, LCIA and GICAM gives us an edge in this aspect.


The Abeng Law Firm advises many of the largest and most systemically significant clients entities in the world on the full range of banking, securities and related regulatory matters. We are actively advising clients on the legislative developments and the unfolding regulatory implementation for financial markets in Cameroon.


The unrivalled protection we give to our foreign clients who get into Cameroon for investment purposes explains the trust we have earned for more than 24 years today. With all its potential and resources, Cameroon can be very difficult when it comes to investments and transactions related thereto. We spare nothing to make sure that our client sails through the various hurdles that could come their way as they set-up structures in the country.


In assisting our U.S and U.K clientele in due diligence and compliance issues and assignments, we have proven that Cameroonian Law is compatible and in consonance with the U.S Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K Bribery Act. Our Assistance to companies has made them avert catastrophic consequences especially with regards to risks exposed to in Cameroon associated to local administrative red-tape, usages and corrupt practices. This is even more acute when it comes to dealings with the administration.


The Abeng Law Firm works with our global clients on environmental, health and safety matters in a broad array of settings and regularly coordinates our efforts with technical experts. By tracking legal developments and evolving business practices, we are well positioned to advise clients not only on their substantive legal obligations and liabilities, but also on strategies for managing compliance programs and minimizing liabilities. Our lawyers coordinate with other practice areas to assist clients in:

  • Assessment and management of environmental liabilities in corporate and financial transactions.
  • Environmental reporting and securities disclosure obligations.
  • Regulatory compliance with major environmental programs.
  • Representation in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings. Management of complicated risk and liability assessments and other technical matters, including site remediation activities and chemical use and registration requirements.

We pride ourselves in rendering full satisfaction especially to our Oil and Gas clients in relation to compliance with Cameroonian Environmental Law Exigencies.



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