The Firm

The Abeng Law Firm is a firm of lawyers offering a wide spectrum of legal, advisory and litigation services. Established by Barrister Abeng Roland in 1998 the firm has evolved to become one the foremost Law Firms in Cameroon in the fields of intellectual EX300 dumpsproperty law, general commercial law and debt recovery.

Supported by a team of lawyers and consultants from diverse backgrounds, Roland Abeng and the Abeng Law Firm caters to the areas of private client work, commerce and industry for more than 10 years the Abeng Law Firm has been successfully providing legal advice to both French and English speaking clients.

Being first and foremost a local entity, the Abeng Law Firm offers a number of advantages which includes an intimate understanding of the immediate legal environment, the market and governing laws and customs. The firm is this moment developing a dynamic trade 70-480 dumps promotion department that will serve as a one-stop-stop for all those wishing to invest or trade in Cameroon or with Cameroonians. Our international clients are always satisfied.

Our vision

Our vision for the future is one of optimism. In the short term we want to augment the quality and efficiency in the services we provide to our existing and prospective clientele and to make Cameroon and the Central Africa sub-region more transparent when it comes to Legal and Juridical Matters.


Our international clientele are always satisfied.


The Abeng Law Firm is a partner with the Miranda Alliance (Cameroon), which is an international full service legal practice which serves the needs of many of the largest multinational corporations.


Our Aim at Miranda Alliance

Our aim is to combine the highest international standards with local expertise so we can provide a seamless assistance to the top corporations in their most important and challenging assignments. Through our network Miranda Alliance, we offer a full range of commercial legal services, combined with an in-depth knowledge of local practices, in a total of 17 countries in four continents, including some of the most challenging and fast-growing emerging markets.


:: Privatization :: Intellectual Property :: Debt Recovery


  • This Law Firm has been involved actively within the last 5 years in the privatization process and procedures in Cameroon either as consultant or directly as bidders. In this light the ABENG Law Firm worked (alongside the Herbert Smith Law Firm) more than eight years ago in the Privatization of the National Electricity Corporation SONEL.

  • This Law Firm also works as a partner to the World Bank (that jointly manages the Privatization process with the Cameroon Government.) as a key evaluator of the Economic and juridical landscape of the Country in the World Bank’s Doing business Project.

  • This law firm amongst others was involved in the bidding of the CDC tea portfolio privatization alongside the buyers with success. At the moment we are currently renegotiating (with the Cameroonian Government) concession rights on behalf of some recently privatized companies

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